Course Offerings

TSA Core Courses

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EMGT C102: Introduction to Homeland Security Explores the history, development, and organization of homeland security in the United States and examines the roles and functions of the various components of the Department of Homeland Security and its relationship to state and local agencies.
EMGT C172 Intelligence Analysis and Security Management

Advisory: EMGT C102

Examines intelligence analysis and its relationship to the security management of terrorist attacks, man-made disasters, and natural disasters as well as vulnerabilities of our national defense and private sectors.

EMGT C174 Transportation and Border Security

Advisory: EMGT C102

Provides students with a knowledge level understanding of the variety of challenges inherent in transportation and border security, as well as different methods employed to address these challenges from post 9-11 to the present. The course includes an exploration of technological solutions deployed to enhance security of borders and transportation systems.

Current Continuing Education Courses - Spring 2017

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EMGT C110: Emergency Response

This course will introduce the basic concepts of emergency response organizations, along with the required capabilities and procedures necessary for an effective response.  Areas of concentration will include Incident Command System protocols, those capabilities required to respond to identified hazards, and the essential actions necessary for incident stabilization. Concentration will be on those actions required under the National Incident Management System and the National Response Plan.